Plasto-elastomeric polymer bitumen membrane (APP)

Prefabricated waterproofing membrane composed of distilled bitumen and elasto-plastomeric polymers (APP) reinforced with non-woven polyester fabric that gives the membrane high mechanical properties and good dimensional stability. Specifically indicated for waterproofing structures where the presence of vegetation is expected (e.g. Roof gardens, underground structures, etc.). The excellent and long-lasting performance of ITER ANTI-ROOT is provided by the combination of the reinforcement and the waterproofing mass characteristics and suitable additives with special chemicals that ensure high resistance against the penetration of roots and aggressive chemicals such as fertilisers, herbicides, etc. The "anti-root" action of the product does not prejudice in any way the life and health of plants. The anti-root additives are not leached by water and are resistant to the action of the blowtorch flame used for the application, therefore, the product exerts its function permanently.

  • Good resistance to puncturing
  • Good mechanical performance
  • Resistance against the penetration of roots
ITER ANTI-ROOT, Plasto-elastomeric polymer bitumen membrane (APP)