Polyalphaolefin bitumen membrane (PAO)

Prefabricated waterproofing membrane composed of distilled bitumen and polyalphaolefin polymers (PAO) reinforced with heavy duty, thermostabilised, non-woven spunbonded polyester fabric that gives the membrane high mechanical properties and good dimensional stability (0.3%). For polyolefin membranes without mineral self-protection consisting of slate, intended to be used as a top layer, always provide for periodic surface protection with protective reflective paint. The particular formulation of the compound ensures high thermal resistance to the action of UV radiation. The self-protected version with slate chippings on the upper surface reduces the absorption of heat on the surface thus improving the durability of the membrane. The self-protected versions are provided with a 10 cm lateral overlap.

  • High puncture strength
  • Resistance to demanding working situations
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • High flexibility at low temperatures and hot temp. creep even after aging
  • The PP finish allows for immediate anti UV coating (not essential)
  • Monolayer use
SUPER A, Polyalphaolefin bitumen membrane (PAO)